Pine tear drop spray, teardrop with pine, pine base

pine teardrop spray/swag base for floral designing and wreath making.

green pine Evergreen teardrop spray, a great base for all year use and for floral centerpieces, arrangements and smaller sized DIY door swags

Bend the stem if u want a loop for a swag base. 😉

🚨 this measures 26” from tip of pine to the end of the stem. The actual pine is about 20” tall with a 6” wired stem.

⭐️ This is a very soft mixed pine.

26” pine spray - this can be used as a spray, a swag, turned upside down to make a mini tree (put two together back to back) (or just use one for a wall-hugging mini tree 😉
🤔 zip tie two together (stem to stem) for a beautiful centerpiece base.