How did we get here?

Did you ever get somewhere and wonder how you got there? Sometimes I even ask myself how did this happen? Its a long story but Ill try to keep is short and simple. I owned a salon and spa for 16 years. It was my passion, my identity, my dream since i can possibly remember. I knew nothing else nor did I want to for that matter. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a very rare, debilitating, spinal cord disease called Syringomyelia. Even spell check doesn't know the word. LOL That day changed my life forever. Because of the second spinal cord surgery Trendz the salon spa was sold and I sunk into a deep depression. What everyone knew me as, what I knew me as, was now gone. Within a few months of selling the business, my mind quickly got caught up in the “what am i now? I have no identity crisis” many people go thru for one reason or another in their lives. Id never understood depression. To be honest, I wish I didn't understand it now. But keeping it simple....I decided one day to make a wreath for my door and I LOVED it.

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Deep Talks: The Science Behind the Benefits of DIY and crafting for better Mental Health

In 2020, the World Health Organization said that at least 260 million individuals suffer from depression. As one of the world's leading causes of disability, it plays a significant role in the global burden of disease. But depression is only one of the many mental illnesses that plague sufferers. Medication and therapy are two of the most effective means of treating depression. But for many they're not very accessible, and the costs can be intimidating. So how do we alleviate mental illnesses and promote mental well-being? One of the solutions that's fun, engaging, and recommended by many therapists is crafting. Here is the science behind the practical ways arts and DIY crafts can help promote better mental health:

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Goal Setting

Happy New Years eve everyone! I hope reading this finds you happy and healthy and ready to bust into the new year running. LOL Don't we wish that was always the case but thats not reality for many. Me personally, Im afraid to go into 2018 because that means my mom passed away LAST YEAR. Its so much easier for me to say she JUST passed away. I want time to freeze. I actually want to go back in time and take in every second of my mom. I never want to forget her laugh or hearing her advice.

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Love the florals from this shop It arrived in great condition!!

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